What The World Would be Like if Family Trees Did Not Exist

  • By Kintree
  • November 30, 2023
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  • By Kintree
  • November 30, 2023
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Our family helps us get through the most unfavourable times. They give us support and security coupled with unconditional love. Family is also your crucial guide on the path of virtue and the most important influence in a child’s life. Therefore, enlightening your children about their heritage is pivotal.

The prime purpose of a family tree is to help you discover your family and learn a bit about yourself while you are at it. An ideal family tree begins with your parents and includes cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents as far back as you can trace. Establishing a family tree is a powerful tool for discovering more about your history, connecting the dots between generations, and uncovering the stories of your ancestors.

It can help you know about the family members that you have never met or known and even save your life. A family tree is a visual record of your lineage, showing family members throughout recent and distant history. Beyond the value of establishing where you and your ancestors came from, family trees can have practical uses too. Establishing lineage can even impact inheritance.

The younger generation of today has no idea about relatives and distant members. They have forgotten who their ancestors were and from where they came. Therefore, making a family tree with your child has become more relevant. An extended family tree is a tool for educating kids about their forefathers and the legacy they left behind. They learn who they are, where they have come from, and their connection to the world. Have their relatives immigrated somewhere else?

1. Sign up and create your free account

2. Go to the family tree section and click on the add member button

3. Fill up the details of the family member you want to add to your family tree

4. Click on Save

5. Repeat the above steps to add all your family members.

Another benefit of making your family tree on Kintree is that you can also find your long-lost relatives and stay in touch with them regularly. The Foreroom section of the app lets you share photos and videos with family members in one go. Also, since only your family members are on the app, you don’t have to worry about privacy.

Preserving your family's legacy through a family tree is an act of love and remembrance in today's fast-paced world when relationships can frequently be transient. You are given the tools you need through Kintree's user-friendly interface to easily begin this significant journey. In addition to assisting you in connecting the pieces of your family tree, it also helps you become closer to long-lost relatives, strengthening the relationships that count. Why then wait? Create your family tree with Kintree right away to make sure that future generations will be able to enjoy the rich tapestry of your family's history.

So, go ahead and make your family tree chart on Kintree right now. Embrace your roots and forge lasting connections with your relatives through this remarkable family tree application.


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Kintree is a family social network for you to connect with your loved ones. It is the ultimate destination to stay in touch with your family members anytime, anywhere and on any device. Kintree is revolutionizing the way we bond with our family like never before.

With Kintree, you don’t have to worry about keeping your social and family life separate, as you can only connect with your family members on Kintree. Staying connected with your long-lost relatives regularly has now become fun and hassle-free. It is a blessing for those who work long working hours and have no time to bond with their extended family.

The minute you create your family tree online on Kintree, you embark on an enthralling journey to discover your past, unlike anything you have experienced.

Whether you make your family chart alone or collaborate with other family members to build one, we are sure you’ll have fun exploring your family history. Below are some features that you’ll love about Kintree.


Our Foreroom feature is even more exciting. Using this feature, you can

  • Share your family photos and videos with all your family members on the go.
  • Create posts and share your thoughts with your relatives instantly.
  • Like posts shared by your family members.
  • Comment on their posts and spark interesting conversations.
  • Share posts created by other family members.
Family Tree

In the family tree section, you can learn even more about your family through your grandparents and living relatives than you did before. One of the easiest ways to uncover your family story is to create a family tree chart.

Here is how you can make your family tree.

  • Go to the Family tree section.
  • Click on Add Member button and start by adding your parents and grandparents.
  • Fill in the details and click on Save.
  • Repeat these steps to add your extended family.

Add exact details like names, birthdays, photos and videos, if any, to create an elaborate family tree chart.

Personal profile

Once you sign up, create your personal profile and stay in sync with the latest happenings in your family. Your profile is a place where you can add

  • A short note about yourself.
  • Your Interests.
  • Your contact information.
  • Your educational details.
Daily reminders

Get notified every time there is any activity in your family. Our notifications tab keeps you updated on everything going on in your family like

  • When someone likes your posts
  • When your family member comments on your post
  • Whenever they share your photos or videos
  • When someone tags you in their photos or videos
  • When someone in your family is celebrating their birthday or anniversary

Discover your unique family history and preserve it with our free family tree builder. Download the Kintree app on your Android or iOS device today.