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Kintree is a family tree builder tool that enables users to create a family tree chart quickly and easily. Once onboard, you will have access to a whole lot of features that are

Free family tree builder

Our easy-to-use family tree creator can make your extended family tree in just a few taps. You can also edit or delete information that you entered about your family members any time you want. These days more and more people are choosing to relocate from their home town to other cities. This is why creating a family tree online is even more important. Below are some crucial uses of making a family tree chart

  • It helps you discover your long-lost relatives
  • It tells you who your ancestors were
  • It gives you an idea of how you are related to a family member.

The foreroom is just like a digital scrapbook of memories. When you share your cherished memories on your wall, you preserve them for the future and ensure that you make family memories with you wherever you go. In this section, users can


Making your profile is another way to connect with your family. Complete your profile and let your family members know who you are and what matters to you the most.

Below are some reasons why you should complete your profile

  • It helps relatives find you.
  • It helps long-lost relatives recognize you (Especially if they haven't seen you for a long time).
  • Family members can contact you in case of an emergency.

Our reminder feature can be of great help, especially if you are someone who tends to forget special events. Once you register on Kintree, we ensure that you are always on top of the latest happenings in your family. So, sit back and relax. We will keep you updated.