What Father Means v/s What Father Says

  • By Aishwarya Gurav
  • December 26, 2023
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  • By Aishwarya Gurav
  • December 26, 2023
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'Daddy,' I whispered, feeling my breath hitch in my throat. ‘I love you.' Just when I was sure he was asleep, one corner of his mouth lifted in a smile. ‘I knew that,' he murmured. ‘Always knew that” This quote by Morgan Matson subtly defines the unique bond between father and child. Our Dads are always like this, they are never honest with their love towards their kids. 

Father never expresses anger without love in mind. Mr Smith Jr delightfully expresses the emotions of millions beautifully as he says, 'There's something beautiful about a mother's embrace. And there's something magical about a father's affirmations”, isn't it true? 

Let's enjoy this century's worth of affirmations made by Father which contradict what they mean and what they say and do not forget to post on Kintree if you believe it's true. 

1. When they say : (Early Morning Exam Preparations)

Now is the only time to work as hard as possible! And later in life relax to your heart's content. 

What they mean : 

This early morning preparation is a one-hit wonder! The thing that people say 'You'll get to relax later in life” It's a lie! Life Sucks. You'll work like a dog all your life. And this harsh reality won't be revealed by me. But by life itself. 

2. When they say ( While asking permission for a trip) : 

 Daughter, go wherever you go. You are old enough to make your own decisions. 

What they mean : 

Trip! Tell me one thing, these friends of yours, if they jump in a well obviously, you'll follow them too. At your age, I wasn't even allowed to go on an evening outing. And you'll go straight on a three-day long trip! 

3. When they say : 

   I have no problem, ask your MOM once. 


 What they mean:

Son, I know that you've already asked your mother But if I don't make you take 100 rounds before finally saying ‘no'. Then, how will I have any fun? 

4.  When they say: ( When you demand something costly)

     We can purchase this for you, yes, but later. 

 What they mean: 

Sorry, but you weren't born with the silver spoon. It is definitely No, but we cannot disappoint you at the moment and will wait till you forget your demand. 

5.  When they say:  

Love your career more than anything else.

What they mean : 

Daughter, I love you, and I want you to grow through all the hardships which life has to offer. Be ready with all your guards tight and win over all the obstacles. 

Worldwide, fathers are referred to as jackfruit. They are clearly like that because they prefer to feel their love than to communicate it. Their life has never been easy and the challenges they faced to raise the family explains  in the attitude they carry. 

We have seen our father's desire to share with us the support their family provided while they were dealing with life's challenges. The value of our extended family and how it contributes to our current happiness are reflected in our father's heroic story.  Build a family tree of your extended family and engage with them on the best family tree maker  to stay in touch. 

They express their affection through teasing. We must be mature enough to comprehend those words of love and reject the air of superiority they contain.

The bond between a father and daughter/son is a strong brick which elevates your connection with family. This father's day let's give him the love of his family, create an event on Kintree and plan for the family reunion to amaze him.


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