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  • By Kintree
  • November 30, 2023
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  • By Kintree
  • November 30, 2023
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Social media is an integral part of our daily life. For decades now, social networks have been on a boom and continue to do so with more and more users joining these platforms. It is true that some social media sites have made this world a smaller place and connected us with our loved ones. However, there have been a few instances where we compromised our privacy. Though there are laws to deal with these instances swiftly, there is still a need to have a safe platform. The need to have a platform becomes imperative when you want to connect to your family via a social network. However, don’t want your family photos to show up on everyone’s wall or a funny picture from your trip with cousins to turn into an embarrassing meme.

Now, if you are one of those who love to become an internet sensation overnight, we are totally okay with that. However, if you like to keep your family life private but not for the sake of disconnecting from the digital world, we are glad to put your worries to rest. Kintree is a platform for those who want to stay connected to their family members. Below are some reasons why Kintree is different from other social media networks -

Control in your hands

This private social network for families is different from the others as the control is in your hands now. Though there are features related to privacy on other social media channels, you still have to be very careful about your private life becoming public. As this platform is all about staying in touch with your family, you can only add your family members to your family tree. This way, you have ensured a protected environment where you can bond with your loved ones.

No more embarrassing pictures

Only your family members can see the photos and videos you share on Kintree. This way, you can ensure that you are no longer the subject of funny memes circulated in your social group. After all, what happens in the family stays in the family.

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Not in for numbers

When you are an open social network, all you care about is the fake numbers and not genuine feelings. The number of likes on your post or comments on your next status update sometimes matters too much on a social platform. However, they seem redundant when you are with your family. Because apart from a few friends, you know for a fact that these people genuinely think about your welfare.

Easier to manage

Having a private social network for families makes it easy for you to separate your friends from your family. This way, you can refrain from oversharing about your family in a shared space. We are sure you may be aware of various instances where the ladies in your family dealt with unwanted spammers.

Finally, we think it is safe to assume Kintree is the best tool for you to create a fun, safe, and pleasing environment for your family.

In a world where social media often blurs the lines between personal and public, Kintree stands as a beacon of privacy, intimacy, and connection for your family. It's the digital haven where you can nurture relationships, share moments, and create lasting memories within the safety of your family circle. So, why compromise your family's privacy when you can have the best of both worlds with Kintree? Stay connected, stay secure, and stay family-focused with us.


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Kintree is a family social network for you to connect with your loved ones. It is the ultimate destination to stay in touch with your family members anytime, anywhere and on any device. Kintree is revolutionizing the way we bond with our family like never before.

With Kintree, you don’t have to worry about keeping your social and family life separate, as you can only connect with your family members on Kintree. Staying connected with your long-lost relatives regularly has now become fun and hassle-free. It is a blessing for those who work long working hours and have no time to bond with their extended family.

The minute you create your family tree online on Kintree, you embark on an enthralling journey to discover your past, unlike anything you have experienced.

Whether you make your family chart alone or collaborate with other family members to build one, we are sure you’ll have fun exploring your family history. Below are some features that you’ll love about Kintree.


Our Foreroom feature is even more exciting. Using this feature, you can

  • Share your family photos and videos with all your family members on the go.
  • Create posts and share your thoughts with your relatives instantly.
  • Like posts shared by your family members.
  • Comment on their posts and spark interesting conversations.
  • Share posts created by other family members.
Family Tree

In the family tree section, you can learn even more about your family through your grandparents and living relatives than you did before. One of the easiest ways to uncover your family story is to create a family tree chart.

Here is how you can make your family tree.

  • Go to the Family tree section.
  • Click on Add Member button and start by adding your parents and grandparents.
  • Fill in the details and click on Save.
  • Repeat these steps to add your extended family.

Add exact details like names, birthdays, photos and videos, if any, to create an elaborate family tree chart.

Personal profile

Once you sign up, create your personal profile and stay in sync with the latest happenings in your family. Your profile is a place where you can add

  • A short note about yourself.
  • Your Interests.
  • Your contact information.
  • Your educational details.
Daily reminders

Get notified every time there is any activity in your family. Our notifications tab keeps you updated on everything going on in your family like

  • When someone likes your posts
  • When your family member comments on your post
  • Whenever they share your photos or videos
  • When someone tags you in their photos or videos
  • When someone in your family is celebrating their birthday or anniversary

Discover your unique family history and preserve it with our free family tree builder. Download the Kintree app on your Android or iOS device today.