International Friendship Day 2023: Everything You Need to Know

  • By Vidita Joshi
  • December 26, 2023
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  • By Vidita Joshi
  • December 26, 2023
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Friendship is a unique connection between people built on mutual respect, understanding, and care. Friends encourage and support one another through thick and thin, sharing joys and hardships. They act as pillars of strength in difficult times and mirrors that reflect our authentic selves.


International Friendship Day 2023 is a joyous celebration of the strength and beauty of friendships worldwide. It's a time to cherish and acknowledge the special people who bring us joy, understanding, and support. On this day, friends come together to express gratitude and strengthen their bonds, creating lasting memories and moments of laughter. Let's embrace the spirit of true friendship and spread love and kindness to make this day an unforgettable and heartwarming occasion.

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How is Friendship Day Celebrated?

To honor the vital role that friends play in our lives and to make this bond stronger, people exchange gifts, share heartfelt messages, and spend time with their favorite people together. Many people use social media as a platform to showcase their affection for their friends using pictures and messages. 

Although friendship is all about relationships with friends, some people in our lives are not only our constants but are as good as any friend or even more. We call them family.

Friendship with Mom and Dad

Friendship isn't just about friends our age; it is also about the special bond between parents and children. As kids grow up and become independent, many develop a friendly relationship with their mothers and fathers or sometimes both. It is all about the communication and understanding encouraged by the parents that set the foundation of this relationship. This not only allows kids with a mindful thought process but they also feel supported while seeking advice. This also makes them feel loved and supported as they are filled with self-esteem.

Best Friends like Siblings

Some friendships become so close that best friends feel like siblings. Special bonds such as these often begin during childhood and last through all of life's ups and downs. Best friends who are like siblings share a bond that feels like being part of the same family tree. They laugh, have fun, and support each other emotionally. They know each other well and accept each other just as they are.


Friendship Day is a special time to celebrate the phenomenal relationships that bring love and understanding into our lives. Whether with peers, parents, or best friends who make us feel like siblings; these connections are precious. Let's take a moment to cherish and thank this special bond called friendship that makes us better people with every passing day. Let's continue to nurture true friendship because it is a wonderful gift that brings happiness and meaning to our lives.

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